I'm Not Good or Real, I'm Evil and Imaginary

To say my parents’ marriage is complicated would be an understatement. But my dad has been kind of continually angry for I think 4 days now. And I just had to deal with my mom crying saying how hard it is for her cause after all the shit she’s gone through he’s still and will always be the love of her life and she feels like it’s meant nothing to him. That’s really fucking hard shit to hear. Neither of my parents are perfect but hear her say that and know exactly why she feels that way, cause I’ve kind of been living with them for almost 20 years, it’s really hard cause you want to help but can’t. 

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I’m getting really nervous about my move in day for my dorm. I have to wake up super early. Got with my mom to drop of my dog for her shots and to be kenneled by 8 am. Get to my dorm by 9 am, do the paperwork and unload and try and put everything away. Get to my nephew’s first birthday party an hour and a half away by 11 am. Then get back to my house after for my dad’s birthday party at who knows pm. Then get back to my dorm that night. I might die. I just might. I also really want to introduce my boyfriend to my family then since they’ll all be there but that’s not nerve wracking or anything. He’s way nicer that any other guys I’ve dated or had a relationship with and I think is a much better fit with my family. But my mom tends to say things, things that kind of make you want to crawl under the couch and die. So I feel like I have to make a list and prepare my bf for what might be said. My dad says a lot of stuff but it’s mainly about music  and bad dad jokes. But my mom….oi. I get nervous introducing her to new friends cause the things she’s said before and the awkward tension that ensues after can be pretty awful.

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Once Upon A Time is a tale of…

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fill so your followers can get to know you

1. state your name: Erienne
2. state the name that your parents almost named you: Aurora
3. which of your relatives do you get along with the most? My brothers and sisters in law
4. what was your first job? I worked at a private college 
5. did anything embarrassing happen this week? Not really
6. do you miss your ex? Sometimes, but it’s more the idea of them, I’ve realized that  they are not the person I thought they were but I hope for the best for them
7. white chocolate or dark chocolate? Dark Chocolate
8. do people praise you for your looks? Yeah, I’m not trying to be conceited but I get compliments a lot. It’s flattering and helps my self esteem.
9. what is your favorite color of clothing to wear? I love wearing greens, black, and dark red
10. how do you wear your makeup? Face make up and bronzer cause I’m getting tanner, neutral eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara, and a tinted lip balm
11. what are some of your nicknames? Nilla Wafer
12. how many bedrooms are in your house? Four bedrooms
13. how many bathrooms? Two bathrooms
15. do you have a car? Nope
16. do you work out every week? Considering all I’ve done today is be a couch potato, no
17. did you brush your teeth this morning? Yes I’m not gross
18. have you ever kissed someone you never saw again? Yes I have
19. have you ever sung in front of a crowd? Yeah
20. what kind of bathing suit do you wear? I have two different bikinis
21. do you like your eyes? I really do love my eyes, they’re a really nice green and doe like and according to others they change color, I find them to be very cat like
22. do you think you are pretty? I’ve been getting a ton of self confidence over the past few months so yes I do, sometimes I feel damn beautiful
23. who was the last person you talked to in person? My mom and siser in law
24. how much money in your bank account?  Hahahahahaha like 4 dollars, I get my job back fall semester
25. are you single? Nope
26. do you want kids? Not sure
27. tell me what your backpack looks like: I tend to use very large purses. If I bring my laptop I used a sleek black leather purse with a silver embellishment, if I just have to bring a notebook I use a slouchy purple bag my friend got me from Mexico
28. who are the celebrities you think hot? Brendon Urie, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dita von Teese, Sofia Vergara, whoever the hell plays Tauriel in the Hobbit, and Sebastian Stan but only as the Mad Hatter on OUAT
29. last movie you saw in theatres: The Fault In Our Stars ( I wept like a small child)
30. are you dating the same person you dated last year? Nope
31. has someone you were dating ever cheated on you? I’m pretty sure they did but they continually denied it. Don’t really care anymore, we’re not together anymore anyway
32. have you ever cheated? Fuck that shit no
33: have you kissed someone whose name starts with a ‘J’? Yeah two different people with a J
34: what do you like to do in your spare time?
Read, hang with friends, tumblr, see my boyfriend, go window shopping, get coffee
35: what’s the cutest thing someone’s ever done for you? I’ve had a lot of cute things done for me. I think the cutest was freshman year when my friends decorated my dorm for my bday without me knowing on Halloween night, and in the morning my other friends woke me up early with silly string and cupcakes
36: who was the last person you texted? My friend Autumn
37: how do you look right now? In black yoga pants, red t-shirt, hair down and wavy, no make up
38: who’s the person who first comes to your mind when someone mentions “love”? Justin

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  • A Fever You Can't Sweat Out: we're 18 motherfuckers we do what we want haha so sassy we panic at the disco omg
  • Pretty Odd: weed
  • Vices and Virtues: a big fuck you to everybody who thought they couldn't last without Ryan and Jon
  • To Rare To Live To Weird To Die: weed IN vegas

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Footage used on the new Hogwarts Express ride at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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