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Anonymous asked: what did they do behind your back? Hope you feel better soon. Remember there is someone for everyone and those that don't work out are just lessons along the way. It's good you did what was best for you. Be strong and fierce. Weeding bad people out of your life is hard but sometimes necessary to remain sane. :)

They made an OkCupid account behind my back after we got into a fight and ignored me for two days. I kept trying to apologize for the fight and that I never meant for it to be one but got nothing. I just realized that I can’t put up with that and am now bawling in my room after ending it.

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I can’t stop crying, I never wanted to do this

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I Broke Up With Someone For The First Time

I didn’t want to. At all. And I can’t think about it otherwise I start crying. This is hurting me so much but I know I had to. They were giving me nothing and went behind my back. Why do I still care about them??? God this hurts.

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Can’t hardly breathe. I hate getting into fights with people. I’ve been an absolute mess for 2 days straight because they won’t just tell me what’s going on. I never meant to fight with them and they think I’m mad and I just can’t fight. I can’t do it. Since my ex if a fight happens with anyone, I lose it completely and freak out and just can’t handle anything. I can’t really keep food down, got no sleep, I feel extremely on edge, I just can’t.

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How can a teacher get mad at you for being late if a staircase changes direction while you’re in the middle of it?? There’s no tellin’ where it leaves you, and Hogwarts is a giant castle..

#I can just imagine Sirius & James #running late for their first class #when suddenly #the staircase changes direction #Sirius’ telling James #that they should just skip class #because the staircase said so #and so they toured the castle #when suddenly #they saw a boy #who has light brown hair and scars cutting across his face #running towards them #asking which direction the Potions Class is being taught #James’ being all confident says #it’s this way, come, we’ll guide you #while Sirius is hiding his grin #because really #it’s their first day #how would they memorize all the passageways in just one night #and so all day they circled around the castle #getting lost #finding their way back #discovering secret passages #all the while sealing a bond of friendship that will never break

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On this week’s episode of “Keeping Up With the Mirkwood Elves

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Congratulations to the Sherlock team! The show won 7 awards and is the biggest winner of the Emmys 2014!

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